Friday, June 23, 2017

Cady Day 15 - lengthened and baked torso, then carving & reworking the hip jointing

I sketched her out & keep trying to use that proportion, but my eyes say no... so, she is changing yet again. 

The reassuring thing is that after this change I counted heads... and she is the proportion I intended in my sketch.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

CADY - Day 11 of sculpting - toes!

gave her lower right leg toes, smoothed it all & baked. It fell over in baking, twisted the knee cap around. I cut off the wrong bits, added clay, re-worked it until I liked it again and then baked it once more. This time it was good and I began to match the left leg to the right.
  Reworked knee and baked again. Begin matching other leg. 

Friday, June 9, 2017

CADY BJD Day 9 - sanding begins

I use wet/dry sanding pads and have begun on the head and right thigh that I baked last night.

CADY BJD - Day 8 up late - Jointing tools

Day 8 - Jointing tools - I bought tiny wooden beads for the smaller joints like shoulder and knee. I realized I could use coins to shape hollows in clay, bake it and make the ends of the limbs round enough by pushing them and twirling them in the hollows. The coins will work for bigger dolls really well.. but I had a marble and a ball bearing that are smaller and they are working really well for the bigger joints - neck & hips. I have some round wooden tools that might work to make the elbow joints round.